just please do not cry ... as soon as you bring the paper ... Jacek Ścibor, Schools in the United Chrząstawa, Superbelfrzy RP 18.10 FORUM INSPIRE @ CY free or proposals and questions 18.30 21.00 COMMON PHOTO evening under the stars in a pub :-) July 1, 2016 - Friday Donors Hall (at the entrance to a building) 09.00-10.00 Cooperation is the key to the success of schools and students - an eTwinning workshop No. 1 (30 people) 10.15-11.15 Cooperation is the key to the success of schools and students - eTwinning workshop No. 2 (30 persons) Auditorium them. Dembego: 10.00 Joy coding. Educational benefits of the program and the teachers object Carolina Żelazowska, Masters Coding, Superbelfrzy Poland Anna Krawczyk, Masters Coding, Superbelfrzy RP 10.30 Ideas for language classes, the provisions of twisted beak Joanna Krzemińska Gymnasium Mikron in Lodz, Superbelfrzy RP 10.55 Scenarios półwariackie, ie readings Dariusz Martynowicz school differently, V High School in Krakow, Poland Superbelfrzy 11.20 Math bones - let's play to learn (part. 2) Anna Grzegory, Logofigle.pl, Superbelfrzy Poland Sabina Pilate, Polish-French Non-Public Primary School "La Fontaine" Warsaw, Poland Superbelfrzy 11.50 Safely Here and There - new technologies in the school with the Orange Foundation Kus Alexander, coordinator of the program, Orange Foundation Ewa Krupa, president of the Orange Foundation 12.20 Coffee break 12.45 How to use the communication potential of the internet to better educate?

Professor dr.